Kanto Breakfast, the Gourmet Turo-Turo [Review]

Kanto Breakfast Review

I found out Kanto Freestyle Breakfast on Instagram @kantobfast. Their dishes looked yummy on pictures, I just had to try it out.

I searched Google Maps app, thankfully it's searchable but unfortunately the location is wrong. Not all people are aware of this eatery but by asking a lot of people we eventually found the place. I pinned the actual location and made a screenshot (it's at the bottom of this page).

I was a bit shocked when I saw the place, It wasn't what I expected; it's very small, and resembles more of a turo-turo than a restaurant. At this point, I found myself pre-judging the book by its cover.  I was already hungry at this point that I didn't care much what the place looked like. I just wanted to eat good food.

We ordered three dishes: Garlic Chicken, Bacon and Egg, and Mixed Berry Pancakes.

The orders took so long to finish to the point that even other customers canceled their orders. I don't know what happened in their kitchen but I think they were slumped with the number of orders. Thankfully there was an ihaw-ihaw nearby and we ordered some grilled teynga (pig ears) and hotdog to serve as our "appetizers". But even after we were done eating the appetizers, we waited further more for our actual meal.

After the long wait, hurrah! The food has arrived. But was it worth the wait?

Mixed-Berry Pancakes, P90
I just love this pancake, it's a little chewy, it's soft, it's sweet, the berries complement the pancakes perfectly, and even the butter tastes better; it's almost perfect. My only gripe is it didn't arrive as hot as I expected it to be; in fact it was a bit cold. Nonetheless, it's one of the better pancakes I've tasted. Hindi nakakasuya / nakakaumay. Definitely worth the P90.

Honey Garlic Chicken, P90
Wow, just wow. It's heavenly, the best garlic chicken I have tasted. And again, for P90, it's a steal! I'll definitely come back even just for this. I love the sauce.

French Toast with Bacon and Egg , P90
Just a normal bacon and egg, nothing worth-noting except that the scrambled egg was cooked perfectly. I knew I should've gone for the best seller: Tapa. This meal is okay if you're craving for bacon, but there's really nothing special to it. Ahh and one more thing, I'm pretty sure the bread that came with it wasn't a "French Toast". I remember my mother used to cook french toast and it was coated with fried egg and tasted heavenly. I think the one in Kanto Breakfast is just a normal toast.

Overall, it was okay. Good ambiance wasn't there though.  You'll eat beside the noisy street with tricycles, jeeps and taxis.  The tables are small. I was surprised that they were able to fit five people in a small square table, but I find it improper and in the boundary of being rude.

There are restaurants that give a homey feeling instead of sophistication, I wish I could say that this is the case for Kanto Breakfast, but it's not. I'm sorry, aside from good food, a pleasant setting is also important to me when eating out. In our case, a customer even brought her dog The dog was barking endlessly while we were eating; it was extremely annoying, I mean come on, why bring a dog to a restaurant, then again, one would argue that it's not a restaurant. You see the problem here?

However, the quality and taste of food makes up for the lack of ambiance. Also the price is very competitive, most of the dishes cost around P90 only. You won't feel cheated in this place and the dishes are cooked to perfection. No problem in the food department, but I wish, I really wish they do something about the place. Heck I'm willing to pay more for that kind of food in a decent place with better service. I feel that they are understaffed.

I give Kanto Freestyle Breakfast a 3 out of 5 stars. I would've given it a 4, but the one point loss is for the not so good place.

Additional information:
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
Address: 549 San Joaquin St., Brgy. Plain View, Mandaluyong City
Phone: (02) 400-2268
They deliver!

You can search Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Google Maps

But Google Maps will give you the wrong direction, the pin above is the correct one.

Kanto Breakfast Menu. Click to enlarge.

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