Ho Galbi Lunch Buffet for P299

We decided to take a break from the our usual Yedang resto and try something new: Ho Galbi. It offers buffet meals at a reasonable cost. Lunch buffet costs P299 while dinner is at P499. The dinner buffet is more expensive because it offers more food.

Upon entering the place, you’ll see a big open space for parking with korean-inspired garden. The actual restaurant is located at the right side of the open space; it gives the illusion of having lunch/dinner at the garden.

We only tried the lunch buffet. The selection isn’t that great during lunch; you can choose from various pre-cooked dishes, but for grilling, only has fresh pork strips (plain and marinated) are available. But even if there were only few to choose from, the food tasted good! The marinated pork strips were the highlight of my lunch.

We just said to the waiter that we were availing the lunch buffet. We got our plates and took whatever’s interesting. The food selection was not that great, even the side dishes were limited. During lunch, only fresh pork strips (plain and marinated) are available for grilling. But even if there weren’t many choices, the food tasted good. The marinated pork was tender and flavorful. For me, it was the highlight of my lunch and instantly became my favorite.

The evening buffet is priced differently at P599, i think the selection here is better and beef is included. But I’m not 100% sure because I’m yet to try it..

The lunch buffet experience was surprisingly good. Food was seasoned properly, although the fresh plain pork wasn’t salted at all; probably intentional. The place is well ventilated (because it’s open), however there’s no exhaust per grill like in Yedang so the smoke will go wherever the wind takes it and some of your friends will still end up smelling like grilled pork after.

Overall I give Ho Galbi 4 out of 5 stars. Good food, it’s affordable considering it’s Korean + buffet. Food selection and side dishes are lacking but what would you expect at P299. Compared to Don Day who also offers P299 for unlimited pork meat, I like Ho Galbi better, the quality of pork here is, in my opinion, better. -Manny

Korean food, as always, is best paired with coke. On a minor note, Coke in can costs 40 pesos in Ho Galbi, while Coke 1.5L is 120 pesos. You do the math. Happy eating!

Ho Galbi Location and Contact number:
100 Oranbo Drive Brgy. Oranbo,Pasig City M.M., 1601 Pasig
0915 746 4985
In Google Maps, Ho Galbi is named Po Suk Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant. Weird.

Ho Galbi location. View Full Map

More Ho Galbi Photos:


  1. thank you..
    hogalbi :)

  2. You're welcome. Hope to eat there again; dinner this time so I can write more about it :)

  3. po suk jung was the old name.. they changed it 2 yrs ago i think..

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